Air Shipping from the US

Do you need to ship items via air? Let Platinum Moving handle it for you. We have more than 30 years of experience in worldwide air shipping.

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International Air Shipping

There are three ways to ship via air.

  1. By passenger plane. Yes, some freight travels with people. These items are stored underneath the cabin of the plane in special containers made to fit the cargo area.
  2. By dedicated cargo plane. The largest cargo planes can carry about 26,000 cubic feet of freight.
  3. By super transporter. Really, REALLY large items have to be moved by really big planes. In super transporters, cargo is stored above the cockpit and throughout the entire length of the plane.

When you ship your items with Platinum, you can rest assured that they will be transported with the utmost safety and efficiency.

Air Freight Shipping Rates

Air freight rates vary based on the weight of the items being shipped, their destination, and other factors.

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How to Prepare Items for Air Shipping

  1. Take inventory. Make a detailed list of everything you are shipping.
  2. Pack. Use strong boxes or cartons and make sure fragile items are well-wrapped. Platinum can pack your items for you if you wish!
  3. Label boxes clearly.
  4. Weigh the boxes. Again, we can do this for you at our facility.
  5. Stack boxes on a pallet, if necessary. Depending on how many boxes or packages you are shipping, you may need to put them on pallets. Don’t worry, we can help with that!

International Air Freight Regulations

As a veteran international shipping and moving company, our staff is always up to date regarding international shipping regulations. We will advise you of any restrictions, requirements, fees, taxes, or other factors that may affect your freight.

Express Air Shipping from the DC Area

If you need to send an express air shipment, please contact us.

Why Choose Platinum Moving for Air Shipping from DC, Maryland, or Virginia?

Shipping items via air is a complex process with many details to take into account. At Platinum Moving Services, we have been shipping air freight to worldwide destinations for more than three decades, so you can rest assured that your belongings are in experienced hands.

We are proud to have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We provide services to many of DC’s embassies, and we have shipped priceless items for the Smithsonian. Please take a moment to look at our testimonials to read reviews from our satisfied customers.

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