Moving Services in MD, DC & VA

Are you looking for local movers in the DC area? If you’re planning a move from DC, Maryland, or Virginia, call Platinum! We offer a full-service experience for residential, office, and international moves.

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When You Need Local Moving Services

Moving to or from the Washington, DC metro area, including Maryland (MD) and Northern Virginia (VA)? Platinum can take care of your local residential or office move. We do everything from packing to unloading, and all the steps in between.

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Long Distance Movers

Whether your family is moving from Silver Spring to Portland or your office needs to relocate from Arlington to Tampa, you can trust Platinum to get your belongings there safely and efficiently. We provide on-site surveys (an in-person estimate of your moving costs) at no charge!

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Need an International Moving Company?

Platinum is extremely knowledgeable about international moves, as we’ve been doing them for more than 30 years! We also ship items of all kinds internationally, and can transport your car or boat overseas.

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Don’t Want to Pack? Let Platinum Pack for You!

With our professional packing service, we treat every one of your items with the utmost care. We have the best packing supplies for both durable and valuable items you need moved. We are known for our expertise in packing:

  • Art and antiques
  • Paintings
  • Glass items
  • Fine china
  • Computers

From decades of experience, we also know the best ways to pack and transport awkwardly-sized furniture and other items to ensure their safety during your move.

What Do Professional Movers Cost?

The cost of hiring a professional moving company can vary based on the number of items you are moving, the distance you are moving, and the level of services to be performed, among other details.

It is good practice to get several quotes before you hire a mover.

Tips on Getting an Accurate Moving Quote

Reputable moving companies will only quote their moving services after conducting an on-site survey. A quote or estimate given over the phone without visiting your residence or office will be purely speculative.

The most important aspect a moving company will consider in calculating the cost of your move is the total volume or the weight of your belongings being moved.

Other factors that affect the moving rate are:

  • The number of delicate and fragile objects being handled and packed (fine china, crystals, porcelain, or other delicate decorations)
  • Any items that need to be crated (such as fine furniture, musical instruments, art pieces, and glass table tops)
  • Accessibility to the residence
  • Long hallways
  • The number of stair flights
  • The number of furniture pieces that must be disassembled to load and fit onto the trucks

Ask for a written quotation or a moving contract with all the shipping and moving services clearly listed out. If you require delivery to more than one address or assembly of furniture other than beds, make sure that the quote states that the company will provide those services. Unless the move is international, when requesting a quotation, you should have the option to receive a flat-rate quotation or a per-hour of labor quotation.

At Platinum Moving, we provide on-site surveys at no charge! If you are located in Maryland (MD), Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia (VA), schedule an appointment to receive a free quote today!

Quality Moving Services

In addition to our local, national, and international residential and office moving services, we can move cargo to any part of the world. Our international shipping service takes care of vessel bookings, documentation and custom clearances. We routinely transport automobiles, yachts and small industrial machines across the United States and to other countries.

We also provide the following services in DC, Maryland, and Virginia:

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“The office personnel showed a lot of courtesy, were very receptive, and really cared about my needs. The moving personnel were very effective, reliable and worked really fast. The company totally fulfilled my expectations.” – Laetitia, France