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Providence Center’s Mission

Our mission, vision and values are our foundation and guide us in all that we do on behalf of the people we serve, their families and caregivers, those who support us in so many ways and the community at large.

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To provide services that allow individuals with disabilities to enjoy increased self-determination in leading a more independent, valuable, and functioning role in society. These supports are individually designed and professionally managed to enable these individuals to exercise higher levels of control over their lives.


To become the community’s provider of choice by offering leading edge opportunities, which inspire and enrich lives.


  • Valuing Employees. Employees are our most valuable resource. To achieve the vision, employees work together to enhance their expertise.
  • Improving Continuously. Providence Center is constantly exploring innovative and better methods to perform its mission.
  • Establishing and Maintaining Trust. Providence Center operates by fostering open communications and a mutual exchange of ideas. All employees act in the best interest of the individual while respecting the value of all members of the organization.
  • Working Together as a Team. A diversity of ideas, people and shared talents results in better outcomes and a more positive work environment.
  • Serving Customers. Our primary customers are individuals with disabilities. Other customers include families, caregivers, businesses and public agencies. Providence Center always strives to meet their needs and preferences through quality serves and supports. This is our core value. The value we hold higher than any other at our organization.
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