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Providing a More Complete Life Experience with Full Membership in Our Community

Community integration is critical for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities to gain a full life with rich experiences and relationships. This requires a collaborative effort by individuals, families, residential and day programs, and community partners. Knocking down the barriers to full inclusion is a cornerstone of Providence Center’s vision for those we serve.

Our community integration programs focus on providing supportive, encouraging environments for our participants; we create places and atmospheres that promote individualized growth and independence. With our person-centered approach we work with individuals to help develop the necessary skills to lead fuller, more independent lives. Our goal is to empower individuals to create a better future for themselves.

Supported employment programs hold a primary role here at Providence Center, as they  empower our participants to support themselves. Earning a living allows an individual to  pay their bills, pay taxes, and save up for the future. We personally match individuals with potential job prospects and help entrepreneurs start their own businesses. For job skills training, we provide volunteers opportunities, job discovery, classes and workshops.

To learn how your loved one can have the support they need to succeed and contribute in our community, please contact us today at 443-848-2757.

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