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Vocational Training

Helping shape the lives of men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they can create their own futures and offer the community valued products and services. This is what Providence Center does—and what you can help do too by supporting Providence Center’s vocational training programs.

Our production programs offer individuals a variety of options to learn new skills, including pottery, wood working, horticulture, packaging and assembly work and landscaping.  The programs also produce one-of-a-kind, high-quality work for sale through our retail store, Gifts that Gift, and retail partners throughout Anne Arundel County, Maryland and neighboring counties.

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Donate now to help support Providence Center's dynamic programs and services. When you make a gift to Providence Center, whether it’s a donation or the gift of volunteer time, you are helping to enrich the lives of 500 of our community’s residents. There are many ways you can help the men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities who count on Providence Center.

Empowering Individuals & Meeting the Needs of the Community with Our Person-Centered Approach

Providence Center’s comprehensive programs are tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual and include a number of different services and handcrafted products offered to the community.

Business, Lawn Care & Horticulture Services

  • Production and assembly: From office cleaning to business mailers and a variety of other services, Providence Center’s production and assembly services are extensive. Our participants are paid for their work, gaining crucial work experience and some financial independence—and the customer receives high-quality services.
  • Horticulture: We operate a full nursery, specializing in native plants and wetland grasses. Providence Center’s Greenhouse and Gardens gives our growers the  opportunity to learn about horticulture and the chance to earn a paycheck for their work.
  • Lawn care: Do you need residential or commercial lawn care services? Providence Center’s Lawn Care Services can meet all your lawn care needs and provides its team members the chance to learn job skills and earn a paycheck.

Wood Products & Pottery

  • Pottery and woodshop: Providence Center’s artists create handcrafted pottery and wood products for sale. Each of our artists earn a paycheck for the work they produce and important job skills. Our Gifts that Give product line can be found at our retail store, Gifts That Give located at 1254 Ritchie Highway South in Arnold, at retailers in the Anne Arundel County, Maryland region and online.

Comprehensive Services & Products in Anne Arundel County, MD

We take pride in our person-centered approach to empowering skills development in adults with intellectual and development disabilities—and you can take pride in helping these amazing individuals gain independence and shape their own futures. No matter what services or products you need for your business or home, you will be completely satisfied. Shaping lives and creating futures—it’s what we do and what you can help do by supporting Providence Center’s vocational training programs!

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