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Independent Contractors


Established agent located in MD, VA, DC, DE, WV, PA, or Southern NJ with strong sales background and active client list seeking growth opportunities with a Virtuoso agency through training and marketing efforts.
You may partner with any of our WorldTravelService offices located throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. By partnering with WorldTravelService you will enjoy well-established vendor relationships, extensive travel resources and services, sales incentives, marketing opportunities, accounting staff, and a management team dedicated to your success. WorldTravelService provides remote access as well as professional staffed offices for your convenience.

Agency Owners


Established agency located in and around MD, VA, DC, DE, WV, PA, or Southern NJ with an active client list seeking relief from the burdens of small business ownership during these tough economic times. WorldTravelService is available to discuss alternatives that fit your business plan such as a merger, sale, or somewhere in between. Our doors of opportunity are open to you and we would love to discuss any options you are considering.

Several long standing agencies in the area have successfully merged with WorldTravelService and the owners and staff continue to operate and flourish in the travel community. Rolfes Hunt Valley Travel, Berney Travel, Holidays Afloat, Omni Travel, Travel For You, Destination World Travel, and Mollett Travel have all found a home with us. Some agencies have remained in their original location and some have moved to one of our professionally staffed offices. What ever your future in travel will be we hope you will consider WorldTravelService.

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