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  • Alaska – With wildlife, hiking, fishing, luxury day cruises, and notable landmarks and historic sites, there’s almost nothing you can’t do in the 49th state! Plan a trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun.
  • Caribbean – Natural beauty, delightful cuisine, and those incredible beaches. The most difficult decision will be choosing which of these spellbinding islands to visit. Book a Caribbean cruise and you’ll enjoy several! Your WorldTravelService® agent can help you plan an unforgettable Caribbean vacation.
  • Europe – Winter in Paris, summer in Italy, spring in Spain, fall in Austria—how about all four? Tour these incredible places and get exclusive amenities that will make you feel like a VIP.
  • Florida – Whether your destination is Disney World, an exclusive resort, or the Everglades, WorldTravelService® will help you plan the ideal trip to the Sunshine State.
  • Hawaii – Go coconuts in the 50th state! Which are the best islands for snorkeling? Where can you get the most relaxing spa experience? What’s the best jeep tour? Our agents have the answers to all of these questions and more. Customize your trip to paradise.
  • Las Vegas – It’s the Entertainment Capital of the World—and the land of incredible deals on hotels, spas, and more. Whatever you want to do in Glitter Gulch, WorldTravelService® can help you find the best way to do it. Find luxury accommodations, resort amenities, and more.
  • Mexico – There’s so much to do in this lush country. If it’s adventure you’re after, we’ll hook you up with a zip-lining crew or hiking guide. Want to visit ancient archaeological sites? We can get you to them. Visit murals and museums, palaces and plazas, ruins and restaurantes. And get extras you’ll only find when you book with us.
  • New York – From Broadway to the Bowery, there are unlimited options in New York City. Food, shopping, music, parks, culture, history, art…we think it’s best to do it all, a little bit at a time. We can plan a trip that focuses on just one of NYC’s many charms or one that samples several. Don’t want to experience the subway? We can hire a private driver. Want to see the Met with an experienced guide? We can arrange that too.
  • South Pacific – The South Pacific islands are incredibly diverse. Call your agent to find out which will suit your travel tastes the best. Tahiti and French Polynesia? Fiji? Easter Island? Get to the right destination and experience the island vacation of your wildest dreams.

Take a look on this page, under “Quick Links.” If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact a WorldTravelService® leisure agent today.

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